I like the fact that this song grabs you right out of the gate. The harmonies are a wonderful edition. The production is smooth and flows very well. An overall good job.
- Musicman956
East Peoria, Illinois

High octane song.
Yes - finally a song that has legs. Drums are great. Vocals are first rate. The song sounds oddly enough like a Cat Stevens type of song. Something up lifting about the lyrics. There it is you both sing about God. Well this being Sunday you win your round. One last note the whole band has talent. Keep rocking, in these times.
Mukwonago, Wisconsin

So much to be thankful for!
The Lyrics are great. The beat is great. A bit old fashion, but that is just what I like. I don't think you sound like anyone else. Your sound is clean and refreshing. You sound like you believe what you are saying. I would recommend you to others...
Mokelumne Hill, California

Wanna feel good.
Good job in the studio!I liked that vocal man! You sound like an old friend of mine from the 80’s 'REFUGE'. Any praise to God songs are welcome in my library, YOU WILL GO ON MY WISH LIST FOR SURE. Good luck and God bless you.
- jelson
Lexington, Tennessee

This is fun and positive sounding.
I like the feel of the drums, and the tone sounds natural, the fills seem to come naturally too. I'm getting the kick drum just fine, although you know it’s hard to tell with a Real file and computer speakers. I think the production is judicious, not overproduced, but just enough to make it interesting. The background vocals, in fact all the vocals seem well-recorded and natural. As far as who this group sound like, I guess it could be my lack of sophistication, but to me they don’t sound like anyone I've ever heard, so I guess that’s good.
- glennon
New York

Nice harmonies.
The drums seem to fit the upbeat mood well. The mix seems quite even. The lyrics are positive. This song reminds me of 70's am radio.
- Nevertoolate
Portland, Oregon

Did I hear piano?
Your harmonies are great. Was it 2 part or 3 part? Guitar is crisp. Sometimes the drums seem a little far back in the mix, but they sound good. I like your lyrics :-) I think your production seems pretty good. Did I hear piano a couple of times? As far as who you sound like? To me, a little like James Taylor. Best wishes on your continued success.
Beech Grove, Indiana

Is CCM listening?
Hmmm. Where do I begin? This sounds like a song destined for CCM radio. Ultra clean and bright production combined perhaps with the best sounding digital percussion* I’ve heard in a long while*(I don't claim to be infallible, so if the drums were real, I apoligize! Good sound either way.) This song would be popular in the right place at the right time- it’s very upbeat and inspirational in it’s approach which sounds natural in the performance and recording, Perfect for a laid-back worship service or christian music festival. With that said it didn't strike me as extremely accessible message or style wise BUT Personal preferences aside- and as far as 'who you sound like', I felt the the song is reminiscent of Michael W. Smith's songwriting with a dash of an early Bare Naked Ladies acoustic sound (ala 'Gordon'). This is a very appropriate song for the right audience. Not my cup of tea style or direction wise, but not bad at all. God Bless, and keep up the good work.
Sioux City, Iowa

King O’ Classics.
classic song writing and hooks ... good band ... production sounds good to me and so do the drums ... you guys sound like just about any classic country rock act that comes to mind ... good luck
Anaheim, California